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Policies & Understandings...

Klassy FM is a DJ service that makes every event a special one. We ensure that all your needs are satisfied. Below are the policies and procedures to consider.

The Success of your function is our prime interest. We have therefore a number of policies and understandings for you to consider that will help us guarantee the success of your function.

Set-Up Requirements:

(2) Tables, access to power outlets, set up away from close proximity of guest (speaker levels)

Security of Person:

At some functions, some guests can become quite intoxicated and possibly offensive.

Such individuals can become aggressive with the DJ when certain music they are requesting is not played, or possibly ruled inappropriate by the DJ.

You are responsible for controlling your guests, and should the DJ be threatened or harassed by any guest to the point where the quality of the performance is affected, or his or her personal security is in question, you will be asked to take control of this particular offending person, or the DJ will have the right to pack up all equipment and leave the premises before the completion of the contracted time, with no reduction or refund of any fees paid for services.

This is only the case in very extreme situations.

Music Requests:

Your DJ will be delighted to accept music requests from your guests, and we encourage this practice.

It is the policy of the company however that the DJ will not play any music selections that are inappropriate for the situation, offensive to any guest, or particularly in bad taste when children under the age of 16 years are present, even if such music is requested by your guests.

It is important to us that all of your guests have a good time, and that the music played is popular, recognizable, danceable and properly programmed for your guests. Please remember that the DJ is there to represent you to your guests, and the comfort and enjoyment of all your guests is his or her prime concern.

Proud member of the Canadian Online DJ Association Inc. (Membership Across Canada)

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